Shared Teams

Imagine paying 5x the cost for something that isn't unique to your business. What if you do that everyday?

What if you could pay for a fraction of an engineer's salary and get the same output?

Without Shared Teams

  • Developer Output: Measuring developer output is key to understanding the engineering investment
  • Code-Time Mismatch: As a business you want stable production code as output but pay for developer time
  • Huge Slack Time: Post development, there is a lot of slack time for engineers during code maintenance
  • Common and Non-differentiated Features: Large number of common and non-USP features in an app with idle developer paid to maintain those

With Shared Teams

  • Managed Code: Get fully managed code like any other external library
  • Fractional Pricing: Pay only for the fraction of the developers time you use
  • Standardized Output: Pre-defined modules and standard interfaces for integration. Developer available for integration help.
  • Developer + Platform: Get access to full platform with configurable pre-defined modules and ability to define custom features.

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How Does it work?

Understanding your requirements and possible match is of utmost importance. We take you through the following process to solve your problem.

Discovery Call

Hop on to a discovery call and together we find the answer to the questions: what is the degree of current loss, what can we do to minimize those, if we can be of any help.

Quantify Loss

Quantification is essential to improvement. We can't improve something we can't measure. We have created App Engineering Audit® for getting a measure of loss.

Codebase Analysis

Once the loss has been quantified, we understand the areas where there is scope of improvement and if Shared Teams can be of any help by structurally understanding your codebase.

Shared Teams Setup

We configure and setup the platform requisite for your needs and the trained developer to support remaining of your team.

Shared Teams

Highlights of Shared Teams

Ever wondered if you could pay for only a fraction of the engineering hours you used instead of an entire engineer who is idle most of the time? You can now.

Get Started

Shared Engineers

Share a small team of 2-3 frontend engineers with other startups. They work on non-differenatiable common features.


Configurable Modules

Rapid Apps platform has a 100+ configurable modules covering the common capabilities of an application.


Code Ownership

Own the code with an active subscription. Beyond 6 months, you don't even need a subscription. No question asked.


Easy Integration

As easy to integrate as any standard external library. Experienced engineers to support your team in the process.

A small team of 2-3 engineers using Rapid Apps Platform and acting as an extension to the core product team/developer with pre-defined set of features as output to deliver and maintain in standardised packages is a Shared Team.
Shared Team = Configurable Software Modules + Engineering Resource

Shared Teams are as easy to work with as integrating any open source library. But better and more personalized.
You get to access the pre-built configurable blocks of Rapid Apps Platform without caring about how the platform works or how to configure modules. No requirement of getting entire app to take advantage of our system.

Remote worker/Vendor is just another engineer with variability in skills and software engineering knowledge and capability. With Shared Teams, you get the final output in terms of production code generated by our platform. The engineer in a Shared Team simply understands your requirement and configures the module to get the required output.

If your team currently works with or can work with integration of any external library, then it can work with Shared Teams. Actually it's even better. You team gets to set the requirement for a pre-specified list of features. The Shared Teams configure and manage the requirements and customizations to the module your team requested.

Check Rapid Apps Platform to get an overview. Without the platform, Shared Teams is simply a team of engineers. No different.
Powered by our platform, each engineer can be 5-7 times more effective in delivering and maintaining the set of features that are available on Rapid Apps.
Instead of writing code, they work on understanding the requirement and configuring the module (adding customizations if neccessary). The code is generated by the platform based on those configurations.

It should ideally take 2-3 business days. But since it requires a batch of customers for operating a single Shared Team. It could range anywhere from 2-10 business days before your team gets access to a Shared Team.

It is no different than what you expect from a software package with added support from engineers who worked on configuring/maintaining the module.
The output you get is code in the language you currently use and supported by our platform. Standardized writing pattern and file naming conventions.

Yes the code is owned by your organization. But you need an active subscription to continue using it inside your product.
If you wish to use it without subscription, then you must have had been on the plan for at least 6-months. Once you cross the 6-month subscription barrier. All generated code belongs to your organization, no matter when it was delivered to your team.
Say your team configured a module when you were in your 5th month of subscription, you own the code once you have completed your 6-months with us.

All Shared Teams engineers are located out of India. We vet and test them extensively before onboarding on our team. They have had either worked with startups or major tech companies before.
Engineers compatible with US/EU time zone are only onboarded. So nothing worry about.

We have a builder that your developers can use for improving their productivity. It does not require any additional changes to your system.
Shoot us a mail. Let us see how we can help you.