Software as a service

Drive down engineering costs. Improve your profits without compromising on new feature developments.

A platform to reduce costs using pre-built modules for low-value features

All SaaS founders inherently know that all features are not made equal. Customers are willing to pay far higher for some features than others. But engineering costs relative to value are often not correlated. Do you wish to change that?

Built from the ground up, we offer you our platform to enable you to do just that. Reduce your engineering costs for the set of features that are necessary but don't drive much value to your business. Additionally, bring down your customization costs for your customers.

Take a look at services to get an overview of what you get when you partner with us. Whether it's re-engineering your existing SaaS app for core features or building new/re-engineering the mobile apps of your SaaS.

We partner with experienced IT organizations to build, setup and maintain your applications in workflows suitable for your organization to deliver the relevant business outcome.


To remain competitive, every SaaS business requires adding of new and more valuable features that their customers value.
We enable you to increase the pace of feature development while helping you either in the journey to become cash-flow positive or boost your profits.
Additionally, we work closely with you to ensure that customizations for your product for high value customers is never an issue.