Rapid Apps Platform

the perfect place to meet your business needs
without compromising on capabilities


software platform that transforms the way applications are developed and managed

  • Reusable Modules:
  • 100+ reusable features
  • Extensibly configurable with custom datatypes
  • Datatype manager to simplify management of shared datatypes
  • Extensive documentation and usage examples

  • Templates and Generators:
  • Complete lifecycle code generators for each module
  • Modular and managable blocks of generated code
  • Private templates for reuse
  • Growing portfolio of pre-built templates

  • Builder:
  • Drag-n-Drop Builder to power development and Collaboration
  • Built-in configurator and integrations for AI code generators
  • Single click code generation
  • One place to review and audit code

  • Extensions:
  • Collaboration first-approach
  • Manage context, discussions and metadata for each block
  • Support variety and complexity of business needs

  • AI Code Generation:
  • Built-in Integration of ChatGPT4
  • Auto add context for generating better code
  • Small managable chunks of generated code
  • Improve developer productivity and code testability


Managed Setup

Designed ground-up to reduce the amount of technical debt
Reduces cost of maintenance with growing number of features
Pre-built features and generators to reduce development cost
Improves maintainability and customizability post setup

Find Your Solution

Structured AI Code generation

LLMs like ChatGPT4 solve code re-usability problem
Platform provides structure to unstructured AI generated code
Seamless handling of generated and human written code blocks
Improves predictability and consistency