Extensive list of features and modules

Notifications Manager

  • Handles a list of notifications inside an app.
  • Read status, optional actions included.

In-App Notify

  • Manages individual notification inside an app

Feed Manager

  • A feature to handle feed list
  • Optional actions on individual feed

Calendar Selector

  • In-built calendar for date selection
  • Optional last selected date saved

Notifications View Manager

  • Filter capabilities on notifications list
  • Optional configuration for sorting

Notification Item

  • Details of individual notification in a list
  • Optional actions in the details

Video Player Controller

  • Comprehensive configurable video player controls
  • Fully configurable as per requirements

Media Content Manager

  • Manage content details inside media player
  • Basic configurations available

Media Library

  • Sorting capabilities in a media library
  • Filtering of items inside a media library

Media Manager

  • Manage media list i.e image/video library
  • Optional list caching available

Media Search

  • In-app search functionality configurable with backend
  • Optional caching and query store

Label Manager

  • Media item label manager i.e user/admin tagging
  • Optional label creation by user

Metadata Controller

  • Custom metadata i.e user notes manager
  • Identity specific notes optional

Access Control

  • Client-side access to item details

Configurable Gallery

  • Complete media library data manager
  • Configurable to use custom viewer/player

Entity Creation Manager

  • User defined entity creation
  • Configurable workflow, starting and end state
  • Works with custom backend

Entity Updation Controller

  • User defined entity updation
  • Form based workflow with optional edit
  • Works with custom backend

Entity Deletion Controller

  • User defined entity deletion
  • Approval based deletion supported
  • Works with custom backend

Entities Search Manager

  • Search custom entities from a backend
  • Caching and query store enabled

Entity Configurator

  • Custom entity details configurable
  • Optional details updation

Entities View Manager

  • Custom filter parameters configurable
  • Custom search and results cache store available

Entities Management

  • Pre-defined custom object list manager
  • Optional cache, pre-fetch etc. are also configurable

Tags Manager

  • External tag creation and management
  • User/System defined tag creation configurable

Notes Manager

  • User controlled text metadata on custom object
  • User specific view only capability

Templates Manager

  • Template Item manager with configurable actions
  • User/System defined category/tag handling

Permission Manager

  • Nodal permission handler feature for application
  • Entities and user type and level configurable on client-side

User Creation Controller

  • Custom defined user creation
  • Works with custom backend

User Updation Controller

  • Configurable pre-specified user details updation
  • Works with custom backend and approval based modes

User Deletion Controller

  • Admin/User defined deletion of user
  • Works with custom backend and optional approval

Headless Calendar

  • Calendar without any UI with extensive configuration
  • Optional notes/tags on dates and range actions

User Search Manager

  • Text search of users based on configurable parameter
  • Optional query store available

Profile Manager

  • User profile updation and configurable actions

Users View Controller

  • Filter users based on configurable parameters
  • Sort users list based on pre-defined/custom type

Users Manager

  • Handle list of users and minimal action-set on each user
  • Optional cache configurable

Stack Router

  • Standalone configurable multi-stack router
  • Extensive configurations with entry and exit of stacks

User Permission Manager

  • User specific permission manager to access entities and resource types

Passwordless Authentication

  • No-password authentication flow inside application
  • Works with custom backend

User Verification

  • Registration flow for user verification post signup
  • Works with single medium verification as of now

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Standard MFA in authentication flow
  • Configurable backend and restricted to 2-FA for now

User Signin

  • Password based user authentication
  • Works with custom backend

User Signup

  • Configurable user registration with password
  • Works with custom backend and approval based modes

Report Creation Manager

  • Create Reports and save them for reusing later
  • Or allow user to create one time ad-hoc reports

Report Updation Controller

  • Modify and save previously created custom reports
  • Works with custom backends on configuration

Report Deletion Controller

  • Enable Report deletion by user/admin
  • Works with custom backend and supports deletion workflows

Calendar Input Controller

  • Input of dates from calendar is essential to reports
  • Configurable with options like saved dates, constraints etc.

Static Form Manager

  • Custom static forms in Reporting module

Reports View Manager

  • Filters to allow viewing partial list of reports
  • Sorting capabilities for the order of display of reports

Reports Manager

  • Handle list of Reports that are either templates/ad-hoc

Data Controller

  • Data Manipulation module in the Reporting module
  • Modify, impute and change data locally in-app

Chart Generator

  • A generic chart configuration module
  • Handle all data and metadata to create charts