Reimagining the way software is built leveraging generative AI and structured building blocks

At Rapid Apps, we have built a development platform that enables our customers to get their custom software requirements met by delivering predictable, durable and high quality applications.

The platform is purpose-built for managing the entire process of development re-imagined for leveraging generative AI.

The platform also comes with 100+ reusable modules that are frequently used in modern applications. For custom features, use our code generators along with generative AI extensions that integrate into the development lifecycle leading to faster and more efficient development cycles.

Let our IT development partners who are trained for using our platform, take care of the building and maintaining of your apps.

  • Web/iOS apps
  • 100+ reusable module
  • Structured Code Generator
  • Drag-n-Drop Builder
  • IT Development Partners
  • Generative AI extensions

Consultative approach to solve your business problems

Technology is always a means to solve your business problems.

Startups Solutions

We don't just enable you to get your applications cheaper and faster, our approach is to partner with you to understand your business needs and solve them.

IT Companies

A platform to sub-contract existing and new applications. Convert your fixed costs to variable.

SaaS Companies

Stay competitive in downturns without the extra R&D burden. Unlock value by unburdening low-value features.


Faster to market without compromising on capabilities. Fixed one-time fee for accessing the platform.

Built ground up as a flexible platform for building applications that meet your business requirements.

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  • 50-70% cost reduction
  • 8-12 weeks delivery timeline
  • Certified Development Partners
  • Platform with simple workflows